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Seen A New AV TV Commercial Today

They really need to get real - should show folks like us driving around with the big smiles on our faces :rolleyes:
Hey Gandolphxx..I like what you did with your profile pic....very cool!!!
I am confused with Chevy's approach. In addition to the current ad's they need a very simple ad showing real problems being solved by real people using the various mid-gate set-ups.
Show me a guy (or gal) loading up an Av at the local Home Depot with stuff that will only fit in the Av....I can identify with this guy far sooner than the guy that's blasting though some dusty off road trail and decides that is the best time to drop the rear glass and gate.
The mid-gate is what sold my wife on the Av over the Ford SCREW.
Agree Boatnfool!
Why is it that every Av commericial is shown virtually in black and white, and the truck is really darkish gray in color? Why not show a victory red or blue or orange Av in an upbeat commercial that doesn't focus solely on "change"? It would serve them much better.

I know that auto manufacturers do regional advertising, but here in the Pacific Northwest in the, "love you, want you, got to have you," ad campaigns they do show a red Avalanche.

I agree that Chevrolet needs to change the message in the Avalanche advertising. The, "change for the dollar ad," was very clearly effective. I don't think many of us haven't been asked change for a dollar or some other theme - but it's time to move on. Change for a dollar is not whattz up.

IMHO one of the most effective ads that Chevy did was on the S-10 Blazer around 1995. In the ad they showed a real life situation. A person picking up a new washing machine and it being loaded, box and all, in the back of their Blazer. Message - I'm versatile.

Personally I think a great ad would be someone stopping to pick something up bulky and loading it up in their Avalanche - maybe during bad weather with a person in a regular pickup looking on. Another situation might be some one picking up something very expensive, loading it in the back and then going to another store, where the person in a regular pickup is up the creek. Translation, I'm versatile like an SUV, I can carry stuff like a truck and keep it secure at the same time.

Although running through the desert stirs a lot of emotion, it doesn't reach you IMHO.

I think the best new line of truck/SUV ads on the planet was the Nissan Xterra campaign from 2000. They took a popular song, tied a simple message around it, and showed the Xterra being engaged and used in popular sport activities. Message was clear, I can help you get away to do the things you like to do - and I'm not a wimpy SUV that you'll be afraid to get dirty.

GM should shift gears in their ads. BUT, I've seen six different Avalanches in the last week. I was enjoying being the only kid on the block with one!!!
I agree, that they should have commercials showing more real world situations. And the real world situations should also point out, that with the change, everything is self contained.. ie.. you don't have to remove the seat, no tools necessary etc..

If they want to do funny, then I like what they did with the Caddy EXT, having the little sports car park in the back of it.
I was jealous of the Truckville ads by Dodge......why couldn't we have Areosmith? :p Way better than change for a buck (only asked once and that was by my brother).

The versatility of the Av could have lead to a lot better, I'm left wondering why they cheaped out. :cry: