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Seen The New GM Commercial?


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
I just watched the new GM commercial where they are promoting the 24 hour test drive. The theme is "LET ME SLEEP ON IT" and they play that song by Meatloaf. Nice ad and I bet it will sell lots of cars! Ohh I checked the Chevy website and the $3000 rebate continues until June 2nd.

Yeah they are hitting the advertising around Lafayette LA. pretty hard to along with the commercial
Now they are selling base model AV's 2 wheel drive with the 40-20-40 front seat for 24,389.00 down here.
Now i know why i am seeing so many with dealer tags on them........ Gotta love it....... Would hate it if i was trying to sell my AV, which I am not. Just got a company car to drive so the AV which is 14 months old with 49,200 miles gets a rest. Only owe 1900 on it with 75 dollar payments. It ain't going now where.
Big problem is that I like the new darker cladding on the 03's.
With these kind of rebates and advertising going around at least I should be able to double up on tagging