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September 22nd 2007 rolling GTG

After the Aggie Ice Cream GTG on September 25th I thought I would do a Fall Colors Scenic Tour.

Heading up 89 towards Bear Lake cutting South on the unpaved road by Rick Springs to 101, Come back West to 165 by Hyrum, then head south to Liberty/North Ogden.? ?Follow that to Pineview resevoir then go over the top to Mountain Green on I-84 West to 89 And back to I-15.

Maybe stop for dinner somewhere in Centerville.

Anyone want to go with us?
Come on Mark, the trip out here wasn't that bad was it?  >:D Come and join us!!

I spoke with the wife and she said if you can do this on Saturdaythe 8th, then we can make it. She has to work on Friday the 7th but has Saturday off.

Let me know on this. I would love to have another GTG with you guys. Hopefully this time I get there on time. :D
Did you add me to the list? I will be there for sure, or unless we have a blizzard and other stupid people have blocked the road.