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Service Air-bag Light is on

take it to the dealer. they can tell right away what sensor is bad. mine was the passenger front that went. cant remember what it cost but it wasn't to bad.
and it beats trying to reach it yourself.
Mine came on a couple of times "Service Air Bag Soon."  Took it to the dealer and I think they reset the computer.
Have 03-Z71,air bag light came on.
Took it  to dealer today.
They say it"s the airbag  sensor--------$540.00

Not covered by ex-warranty
Mine has been coming on and off for a while, and of course when I go to the dealer it doesn't do it and they cant find anything, (off topic same thing with the svc 4 wheel drive)
This problem has been worked on 4 times throughout ownership. Service Manager stated it will be repaired for no charge since it was last serviced 4/26/06. I hope it is corrected. Mick