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Shortened Gearshift Lever Modification


SM 2003
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Sep 29, 2002
Tyler, Texas
Nothing like this showed up on the searches I did so maybe it hasn't been done yet.

I currently have a motorized LCD monitor mounted in place of the factory radio. I use the LCD mostly for Navigation but it is also controls radio and CD and DVD functions. The main problem here is that I have the Screen set on Manual because in Automatic Open with the Avy in Park the screen comes in contact with the GearShift lever. I know this doesn't sound like to much of a hassle but I also have back-up cameras tied to this monitor and it would be great if everytime I turned the key the Monitor would auto unfold and there would be my back view. The only thing stopping it is this huge gear shifter. I talked with Pendlum and he is going to look at some options from his end with his Caddy style gearshifter but I bet other people have cut gear shifters just to mount these Neon or Decorative Tips now Available. Please send me some feedback. No suggestion that the moderators will allow is to far out. Group brainstorming is the best tool we have here in Avalanche land.
Hey, since I replaced mine, I'll be willing to sell you the old one for say $30 (plus a couple of bucks for shipping). That way you can chop and test on it without having to be without your truck and not out much money.
It's in fine shape, the only problem was one of the two wire holders broke off when I was removing, but I don't think it's much of an issue.
Let me know what you think.
On the steering colum there's a 'C' shaped bracket that has a hole in the top. The gearshift fits in that 'C' bracket and a torx screw goes in from the top, through the 'C' bracket and into the gearshift butt.

I honestly can't see cutting this piece, there's just too much to it. I'd surmise the best option would be to bend it out of the way somehow. It may be as simple as turning the existing shifter upside down, I haven't really looked at it like that though.
Wasn't there a core charge on the shifter from Pendlum? Maybe I misread his add. I'm trying to talk Pendlum into building this and will probably have an answer from him soon. Another modification that occured to me on this, if I have to build from scratch is to make a much wider knob and countersink the remote control into it. I have plenty of 1/2" hollow stainless steel tubing available to me and Swedge lock connections to hold it together. Once it's together I might wrap the lever in black leather, shrink wrap, or powder coat it black. I just heard from Pendlum and as I suspected he cannot rationalize building this mod. I don't blame him I doubt if he could ever make a profit on it. Earthquake I will buy your shiftlever. I will IM you shortly. ?Still thinking on this but I don't have that good of an imagination, anyone else out there with thoughts please post em. If anyone else wants something like this for their Avy chime in and I will keep a detailed record on how to build it and what it cost. Any other ideas on this as far as wrapping the lever or using a hard set epoxy glue to mold a shift knob and countersink the remote in it while it is hardening (as compared to a metal machined knob) would be extremely well received. Any thoughts on this at all will help.
That would be cool!!

But they don't list an AV application.

Think a silverado would work and they state that you might have to move the tow/haul button.