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Should I be concerned?


Full Member
Jun 16, 2007
Augusta GA
I know I probably should have asked sooner but this was really the first time I was able to post about this,  tried to do a search for this but couldn't find anything on it.

So I was driving from NY to GA about a week and a half ago and I ended up driving through probably the worst storm that I have ever driven through.   My AV was on 2HI and took all that rain like a champ.   However after about 20 mins of about 15ft visibility the storm ended and my little computer display (geez that was technical) told me to service the 4wd.   I thought it was odd since the truck had been in 2HI the whole time, so I pushed the Enter button (or the equivolent of) and the message dissapeared.   I then had the misfortune to drive through the second worse storm of my life about 25 mins later.   However this time I no Service code.   I kinda just shrugged my shoulder and thought that some water might have gotten into the sensor.   To do my own little check, when I stopped to get gas I put the truck through all of the drive setting 4HI 4LO etc and everything seemed ok.  

Also I swear that for a split second sometimes I see a light pop on the dash, I think its the light that looks like the drivetrain (4-wheels front two are turned) but it is literally a flash and then its gone.

Thanks for any info that you guys can provide. . .

ya probably got water in the position sensor, if you have a warranty take it in and let them reprogram it for ya. I would not worry about it unless it happens again
Did you notice if there was a red light on the switch where the 4 hi 4 lo buttons are.
You would have notice it, there would not have been any yellow light. Just checking if you had the red light you may have had a problem.