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Side Compartment - Something To Consider


SM 2003
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Jul 13, 2002
Nashua, NH
I don't keep alot of stuff in my side compartments so the way that I have mine set up is that everything I keep in there is in the passenger side and I leave the drivers side empty for use as a cooler. (y)

Well I have not used my drivers side compartment since last September. I keep both my side compartments and my tailgate locked at all times.

Well yesterday I'm washing my Av and I notice that the drivers side compartment doesn't look right. I try to lift it and up it goes :eek: . The lock was still engaged. I let it go and it closes and is locked, I can't open it, as it should be.

Now I seriously doubt that I have gone 6 months with it being open and I have not noticed it. I drive on the highway every day of the week, usually at 75+MPH. I have washed the Av a few times over the course of the winter. I think I would have noticed it by now.

So, did this think pop open by itself? I am going to keep my eye on it. Anybody else come across a compartment that you "knew" you closed and yet it was open?


I remember reading that when you first posted it. There are a couple of differences here though...

1. My lid was locked
2. I was hand washing my Av so I know that nothing in the car wash could have accidentally opened it.

Thanks for the info.

The other day I closed my lid tightly, and then locked it with the key. ?After returning from shopping, I opened it without the key! ?I quickly figured out that I had not "slammed" it down hard enough, and therefore the latch had not fully engaged before I locked it.

Try closing it good, and then see what happens. ?If that is not it, I bet the locking mechanism doesn't work after it is jarred around from bumpy driving?
My guess is you thought it was latched when it really wasn't.

Those lids can be a bit deceptive, especially if you close it and check that it is latched - and then try to lock it.

I always turn the key to lock it while still open, then close it and then check both by pushing the button and then trying to lift the lid.

It is a bit much, but my obsessive personality is at ease. :rolleyes: