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Side Mirror Light Broke


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Feb 25, 2002
Baton Rouge, LA
I washed my Av this weekend and noticed that the little clear housing that has the side mirror lights was hanging off the bottom of the passenger mirror. When I inspected it, it appears that there is a clip-type fastener built into it to hold it in (kind of like a upside down 'U') that has mysteriously broken. I've never pushed the 'U' clip together to take the light housing out, so I don't know how it broke.

Three questions:
1.) Anyone else had this?
2.) Was it replaced under warranty?
3.) If you ordered a new part, what is the part number and how much?


Sound like your light that illuminates the ground under your mirror. The light housing is in the mirror. I would suggest tapeing it back in untill you can get to your dealer to have him repair it. Those little clips are a real bear to find and unless you're a long way from your dealer, let him fix it.
i havent had the problem with the step light on the mirror but i called my dealer and he said that it should be covered by the 36000/3 year warranty
Mine did the same thing. One day I walk out and the clear lens is hanging by it's wires. The molded clip was cracked, but not broken. So I took it off, and used some epoxy to fix it.
The only event I can remember that may have caused mine was 7 months ago I clipped a mailbox with the mirror in the winter, and slammed it closed pretty hard.
Or maybe it is the 300 watts and JL audio door speakers :eek: playing Aerosmith