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Side mirrors - Vibrate


New Member
Jun 28, 2007
:help: :help:  I have a 04 av and have had 3 ds mirrors replaced .....  the glass vibrates, am i alone on this dealer is clueless and wont replace  or investigate.  :help: :laugh:
This is normal.  Most people take a small piece of dense foam and wedge it between the mirror and the plastic case.  This will stop the vibration.

Good Luck!

The mirror on my passenger door of my '02 AV shakes and vibrates at higher speeds. ?I don?t consider it normal because my driver?s side mirror doesn?t vibrate the same annoying way?! ?The plastic gearing behind the mirror is pretty cheesy. ?If your mirror is like mine, part if that mechanism which connects the glass to the motor is probably damaged. ?I didn?t want to spend a fortune replacing the whole assembly, so I put a small piece of one sided sticky 0.25? rubber cushion insulation tape between the inner edge of the mirror housing and the glass. ?I moved the mirror to the position I wanted and gently put about a 1.5? long piece of cushion tape in between so it just touches the glass to keep it from vibrating. ?The tape has been in there for about two years now. ?Works good?last long time.

If your AV is still under warranty, I?d take it back to the dealer and if he says it?s normal, then ask why both do vibrate and shake? ? ?

Truckman :B:
If you have a bug deflector on they will vibrate more then if you do not.