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Sierra Mist


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Jun 6, 2002
I was driving into work today and saw a BRIGHT green AV going the other way with the Sierra Mist Logo painted all over it.

Looks like Sierra Mist might be doing some promotional touring in an Avalanche ;D

As I drove by he had this big grin on his face... Just like all us AV owners :cool:
The big grin may have been his sponsorship. A while ago I heard of a company out of California that you can apply to and receive a sponsored auto wrapping. Applicants are likely to be accepted/rejected based on their market of residence, the type of vehicle they own/drive, the amount they drive, etc. They produce the graphic decals for sponsors, get your car wrapped, and take a bit of the profits. I read that one could make around $400 - $500 per month to let a company "sponsor" you ride. If you can put up with the decal which is said not to ruin your ride and can be removed without any incident, you could get a "free" ride out of it. I would only wonder if you have any choice as to which sponsor you allow to wrap your ride.
Yea I know about those, however this was not your standard GM green. They would not repaint a vehicle just then to place a decal on it.

I went to the Sierra Mist Site but didn't see any pics of an AV, But... They are majorly into outdoor sports ie climbing and it wouldn't surprise me if this was some type of a support vehicle. It did have a luggage rack with some type of enclosed cargo carrier on top.


The Colorado Lottery has a sort of peach colored Av that they are using for promotions - there's a pic of it somewhere on this board. I got a close up look at it over the fourth of July at the Greeley Independence Stampede - a big rodeo, carnival, concerts, etc event held here every year.

If I'm not mistaken, this Av had such a wrap - the Av was Victory Red underneath, but all but the red on the grill was covered with the wrap. It was a Z-71 - and you could see the outline of the Z-71 decals under the wrap. From a distance, it sure looked like paint - but was not. I'd guess that the Sierra Mist Av was similar.
those autowrap things seem good on the surface, but they are really a rip.

#1 they put a gps in your vehicle to make sure you are driving on the roads they want you to, at peak times. They also dictate the # of miles you have to drive each day.

#2 you have no say over the sponsor.

#3 If asked about the product, you have to tell the person a pre-written script.

#4 you are also asked to do demonstrations of the product.

These are just some of the stuff I know about, from friends looking into it.
Been thinking about the autowrap and something was bugging me about it.... and then I remembered the Cladding was the same bright green color. I don't think they would have been able to place a decal over the cladding without it having some type of bubbles in it....

But I guess it doesn't really matter... if start seeing it consistently then I will chalk it up to Autowrap, if not then I will say it was a true Seirra Mist AV.