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Silverado SS....No Blown 6.0 Here!


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Feb 6, 2002
According to Motor Trend the Silverado SS will have the 6.0L Vortech and 14 bolt tranny, but no blower.....I can't see how they are going to be able to compete with the Lightning and soon to be Ram SRT-10 without a blower.....I feel a little let down.....but it's not like you couldn't add one as an aftermarket item anyway.... :B:
NJAV, I haven't seen all of the specs, but expect that the transmission is the 4L85E - therefore it would be fairly easy to add a Whipple and kick it up quite a bit. ;D
I did a little checking on tranny's that are mated to the 6L. GMC lists an optional 4L80-E as being available in the 1500HD series trucks. The Denali gets a 4L65-E with the 6L. The Caddy EXT lists the same HP and torque numbers that I found for the Silverado SS, 345 and 380 respectively and they both use an all wheel drive system. It comes mated to a 4L60-E-HD. As far as the actual differences between these trannys I can only guess. Any transmission specialists out there?
Not a tranny expert, but from what I have managed to find:

4L60E - typical 5.3 mate up
4L65E - 5 planetaries and beef up compared to the 4L60E - may also be listed as 4L60E-HD

4L80E - mated to 5.7 and 6.0
4L85E - 5 planetaries instead of 4 for additional torque load - used in place of the Allison for the 8.1L in the Sub/AV class 3/4 ton trucks - may also be listed as 4L80E-HD

Thats all I know - but would be leary of a 6.0L with the standard 4L60E. ;D

The other question is the size of the rear end - 8.5 vs 9.5 vs 10.5
In regards to the rear end, didn't NJAV mean 14 bolt rear end, not tranny? Meaning, a 10.5" ring gear?
marc_w said:
In regards to the rear end, didn't NJAV mean 14 bolt rear end, not tranny? ?Meaning, a 10.5" ring gear?
If you check on 4wheelparts - drivetrain you will see two 14 bolt rearends - one is 9.5" and the other 10.5" full floating axle type - BTW, the 2002's have some minor changes and Genuine sets don't work, you will need GM parts if you swap gears.