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SoFla Wet 'n Wild GTG Ain't gonna happen


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Aug 1, 2003
Saturday, June 2nd is the date.? Time: about 12:00 noon.? Come on and get in on the fun and sun!!

Location: Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach.? It's on Powerline and South of Hillsboro Blvd.? Out west of I95.? We goin' skiing @ http://www.skirixenusa.com/

If you miss this, man there's no hope for ya'? >:D

Post up here so we know who's coming:?


Don't Know's :


Oh, No's:

Tango Chaser

Sorry, Cant make this one.  My daughter fly's into Orlando that day comming back from 2 weeks w/ the grandparents in NJ.

But thanks for the invite    :love:
Put us down as a maybe on this one.  We're going to the Tool concert the night before, so we may be a little too out of it for this meet.  >:D
Can't believe the level of apathy down here.? :beating:

GTG for me is out.? If anyone else wants to pick up on this, be my quest.

Don't give up man, just because this month didn't work out, maybe next month will. Go back about 48 pages in this section and check out how much effort it took to get anything going in Florida at all.
ditto...it aint easy buggin everyone for a date/place and then post whoring your event...but really pays off in the end...don't give up ... when it comes together it really is a blast for all.