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Oct 26, 2002
union gap wa
I have noticed a big difference in stopping distance. Read an article in a mag about brake upgrade for 20 inch rims. Anyone done this yet?? Or feel the same problem??
I have 20's on a 2 grand set of american racing chromes with low profile 50's and have not noticed a difference but will monitor. I probably would not be a good judge because I only drove the Av 30 miles from the dealership showroom to get the new rims/tires and did not get much time with the original 17's. Please keep this thread updated. Thanks. I will report if I find any shortfall in stoppoing power or distance and would like to know it you get someone who has the actual correct article about upgrading brakes with 20's. I asked the tire/rim store when I bought them if it would be necessary and they said that is why they moved me to different rubber [to prevent such a problem]. I have been dealing with the company for 20 years before it became a multi million dolar franchise so I still truct the same guy I dealt with over the past 15of those 20 years. Note: I also have perfect clearance and no wheel well rubbing or contact with the different rubber.
there is a big difference in stopping distance..the article I read was in a magazine..sport trucks article read...60-0 stopping distance was performed and after 10 stops the diff in feet was + 13 ft using stock 17's and 20's the plus was with the 20's .they used a burban ..My wife has a burbie and i can tell what they are talking about when i brake...the kit is called Eradispeed plus-1rotor upgrade...anyone done this???or check out june 03 issue of sport truck magazine...thanks
Is your overall diameter greater than stock?

If it is greater than stock it will be harder to stop the truck.

Think of the wheel as a wrench on the brake rotor. The same force on a longer wrench will make the brakes work harder.

I have the Eradispeeds on my vette and they are dramatically better than stock.

I want them for Z71 as well. Just have to upgrade to the 18 inch well or bigger so they fit. If you have the money, make the investment. You will be pleased, and pleasently surprised at the stopping power, and lack of fade you get.