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Some Are So Hung Up On Looks


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Jan 19, 2002
Washington County TEXAS

Don't know if this will work. Every once in awhile
the topic comes up on the vette forum. Some don't
even try to see the utility. But than they are the
ones buying the vette so people will look at them.

I brought mind because like the car, way it drives,
I don't like people coming around the car, making
silly comments like

"bet it goes fast" -- No S*** Sherlock :rolleyes:
If anyone every said to me bet it goes fast I'd tell them, "sure does. It weighs over 6,000 pounds with me and a tank of gas and Motor Trend turned 0 to 60 in 8.6 seconds."

Another favorite of mine was a Subaru ad from a few years ago. A neighbor with a BMW sneers at the Outback Sedan in the driveway and how the BMW is faster. The Subaru owners says he'll race and the neighbor says any day, any time. Fast forward to about 18" of snow on the ground and the Subaru owner is knocking on the door of the neighbor with the BMW. Ready for that race?

It's an apples to oranges comparison. Hey - I'll challenge any Vette owner to a 0 to 60 blast on the road OF MY CHOOSING. Seeing how the Vette is sooooo much better at least I get to choose the asphalt, or would that be lack of asphalt.

What's the ground clearance of a Vette? I don't think having your under carraige ripped out by a boulder is a manufacturers defect!
I'm not crazy about the looks. But today few car and
truck look good anyway. Some are wanting to paint
the cladding. To me that take away from the utility
and adds to the cost of repairs.

I could care less what people think it looks like,
don't want them around my truck or vette
anyway. I didn't buy it for their amusement.

brought a Navigator when came out, look at that
today and think what was I thinking, not thats ugly.
Especially from the rear.

If read some of the post on the vette forum, some
think a vette is going to transform them into a
chick magnet. I've seen some photos, miracles
don't happen.
AVinOK-------Did you notice in para. 4 and 2nd to last that he had such a hard time converting the bed to pick-up mode? Just like a lot of people, he seems to think the glass always has to come out to extend the bed. Maybe it has to do with the two Chevy commercials as well. It had me wondering if he really had one to try, but he loved the handling so much so I guess he must have. To each his own on the plastic. Thanks for the link.
Thanks for the link and I'll be sure to add it to our links section. Overall he gave the Avalanche very high marks and unlike the most vocal of critics defended the design versus the totally ill-conceived Pontiac Aztek, quite possibly the ugliest vehicle on the planet.

On the subject of the Aztek my wife and I as Montana owners received a focus group survey on the Aztek before it was released. It was presented to us as a potential replacement to the Montana (GM's thinking was bag the Montana and keep the minivans at Chevy and Olds). We thrashed it and I even wrote a separate letter to GM begging them to keep the Montana alive and seriously rethink the Aztek.

If you ever get a chance to sit in one (an Aztek) I'd actually recommend it (just close your eyes so you don't get turned to stone as you approach). Once inside it is, IMHO, one of the best laid out vehicles on the planet. GM engineers thought of everything.

It was also glad to read a review that bottom line it may have critics - but many find it good looking. The other bit I always LOVE to read is the raving about the midgate and the slamming of the Lincoln Blackwood and Explorer Sport Trac's worthless beds. Remember folks - Car & Driver has huge amounts of egg on their face dismissing the midgate as a novelty, saying the Avalanche has no hauling capacity, and then going on to praise the Lincoln Blackwood (even though it has almost half the area of the Avalanche). Car and Driver can eat me shorts! :cool:

Thanks for the review!
Guest said:
Just like a lot of people, he seems to think the glass always has to come out to extend the bed. Maybe it has to do with the two Chevy commercials as well...
I think they need some better commercials. I have had a couple people say they were impressed by seeing the change and had been turned off by the TV ads.

I catch a bunch of crap for having the Av. Jealousy or inferiority I'm sure. I get accussed of owning the Aztec's big brother. I got a new packet like you did and we sent the survey back saying to send it back to the drawing board. It was a valiant effort by them with having it on Survivor and all, but the SUV in a car size model is not appealing to most Americans. They need the size to feel safer I suppose.
some of the things they said made me shed a tear :cry: its a very nice truck but the cladding is a lil on the ugly side
The majority of the folks I run into all like the Av and say how great it is...I haven't had the unfortunate experience of running into a "hater"....to each is own is right...if your happy with what your driving, who cares what it is...... :B:
NJAV said:
if your happy with what your driving, who cares what it is...... :B:
I am happy with what I am driving.

And I am hung up on looks too >:D
Well then goo...it seems you get to have the best of both worlds... :B:
I think you would have to agree that it grows on you. ?My missus had never really liked the look of the Avy, she said it looked like a sandshoe with that cladding and all. ?When we started down the road for one of these she wanted to get the Escalade EXT and I probably would have too. ?I started looking at the Chevy because the extra $25,000 AUD was hard to justify. ?Given some three months later and lots of time spent on this forum, I'm not sure the Cadillac is even in the race any more from her point of view. ?And tonight for the first time I heard her say to a friend of hers "it's a nice looking truck"!

I really think it's a love it or hate it kinda thing, but that most will like given enough time and exposure.

Skidd ?7;)
like everyone else on car/truck boards around the world:

* They love their vehicle (that's why they take the time to go on their board/forum)
* They hate the new version of their car coming out soon (the C5 Corvette guys, for the most part, HATE the concept pics of the new C6 coming out in a couple of years). They whine all the time..."if it looks like THAT then I'm gonna keep my car forever, etc." - hey, you want some whine with that cheese?
* Their "expertise" is limited to their own cars. What do they know about ours!

If you haven't visited other car boards/forums then I suggest you do. It's free entertainment and you'll get some real laughs at how others view the world.

By the way, the Corvette forum is in love with the little smiley that vomits. Those guys use that smiley to vomit all over everything (boring!).
You mention that the vette forum over uses the icon.

Someone brought that up in a topic, boy did he get
flamed. Guess the brains have run out of fuel for
thought. just push icon button.

Know some will say why do you follow the thread, well
it is interesting to see what kinda topic folks will come up
with and how they tell the most embrassing (or should
be) facts on themselves. Besides you do pick up
some help hints.
I've run into only a few Av bashers . . . at least one was just plain envious, one was an elite eco-weenie, and some didn't like the looks.

Oh well . . . to each his own. ?Personally, the cladding in an important part of the Av's 'personality'. ?It's the new cladless Av that gets the ?:D: ?IMO!
I also think that new advertisements woudl help.. I have had people tell me that it looked neat, but they were just turned off by the jerk taking people's money...

They also need to leave the glass in for some of the shots... IMHO, for the next gen of commercials where cladding is optional.. they should do something like "Choose your flavor or personallity, leave the change up to us!!!"

I don't know what they will do, but it should be interesting!!
wrchism said:
Oh well . . . to each his own. ?Personally, the cladding in an important part of the Av's 'personality'. ?It's the new cladless Av that gets the ?:D: ?IMO!

Here here... I thought I would have liked the Avy without the cladding, but I didn't. ?It looks kind of 'naked' or too much like the Silverado, I guess I have gotten used to it over time... but I really looovvve that painted cladding look!
I really love the looks of my Av.

However it did have to grow on me, I didn't really like the looks until I saw it in person. As has been mentioned, it is a love or hate vehicle.

I also own a 1990 Vette Convertible. Love the looks and performance.

What I find funny about the Vette forum link is all the comments about the plastic on the Av; last time I looked my entire Vette was plastic!

Just have to laugh - cheers - Jim
Now let's turn the tables. :8:

Corvette review - rides like a buckboard wagon, ony enough seating to carry 1 date. Storage space for one medium duffel bag. Fuel mileage is horrible.

Must wear penny loafers (no socks), gold chains, and spiked haircut for complete effect >:D.

Oh I almost forgot, all those Vette owners griping about the plastic - last I checked most Vettes are made of- FIBERGLASS.
Well awesone it shows you haven't riden in a vette
in a looonnngg time. They are very comfortable now
and relatively quiet inside with features that will
match most luxury cars. Gas mileage is fantastic,
On a trip I took at 70-75 -- 32mpg. As for the seating
plenty for me if going to use that car, Hell don't want
people riding with me anyway. If have the avalanche
fold the down and say got stuff in the back

As for the attire, our club must be different but I
dress up more than others in jeans, what see
mostly is T-shirts and shorts. Age range is 30's
to older so spiked hair is not a problem.
OK, Skidd . . . I'm a bit out of line bashing the claddless Av . . . some will find it just right for their liking and that's fine. I'm with you though - it's a Silverado with a mid-gate . . and IMO it's lost a bit of the personality of the Av. . . .

I do gotta be nice though . . . won't be too long before some claddless Av folks join this board!