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Some New Pics


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Jan 27, 2002
North Reading, Ma.
hey guys, got some new pics up of the avy after i cleaned it and put the bug and window deflectors on. i also took of the plastic pieces that go across the front wheel wells , it looks waaaayyyy better with them off. here you got http://communtiy.webshots.com/user/apache454 pics are in the second album. also if you want to see the avy on the dyno look in my third album. let me know what you think.Alex ;)
Try this one


here's a hint when posting links, open the page on your machine in a spearate window, then right click on the url in the address window. Then select copy. Come to this window, right click in the text then select paste. No more typos. (The first link above misspells community, the second time the .com is missing).

sigh ... I wasn't logged in, the last post was mine.

Hey guys..need some help I've been trying to ?post pictures from picture trail using the Chiefs instructions. I type
and all I can get is the red x.
..is there something that goes in place of the
Here is an interesting trick - fell into it by accident.
go to picturetrail album -> open the pix you want.
right click over displayed image [not thumbnail] -> select properties -> cut the URL
type in [xmg] -> paste URL -> change .ptp to .jpg -> close with [/xmg] <---- the "xmg" should be "img"!
and walla....here is BLKJACK's pix ;D


I am curious as to whether this beats their little game - probably will stop working in the future. :p
THANX G.O.PHX. I'll try it myself...P.S. your ride is the :cool: :cool:est on this site!
PHXX...right clickec on the image ..selected properties..but don't know how you cut and paste the URL. I did this the hard way :cry:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Nice clean rig. So, 02_2500avalanche, why did you remove the plastic strips across the top of the front wheel wells? It's one of the few "2500" defining traits? Just wonderin'
i hate the way the look. if chevy was going to put them on front they should have put them on the back too. the serve no purpose that i can see other than to set it apart from the z71's. i mean they dont look that bad with them on but it made it look a lot cleaner looking with them off. Alex