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Sounds Like A Beater On Cold Start-up


Full Member
Jun 24, 2002
San Francisco, CA
My Avalanche is really starting to sound like a wheezy compressor upon cold start-up. I'm guessing it's belt whine but there's some "Chuffing" to go along with the annoying "chirping." It's LOUD and embarassing when alongside other cars at a light. This truck has only about 15K on it and the belt appears fine. The sounds do eventually go away, but only after about 15 minutes.....Any ideas?
JM ???
Chirping noise is present on mine also, dealer has been no help. The belts have been replaced twice to no avail. I think that it must have something to do with pulley alignment. Since it goes away after warm-up, I haven't pursued it with a dealer, I can't take the stress of trying to deal with them.