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Spare Tire vs. Flowmaster Exhaust


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Aug 6, 2007
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Hey all,

The new to me 2005 Avy has a Flowmaster exhaust.   This exhaust prevents the spare tire from being mounted under the bed of the truck.   What to do?  Replace the after market exhaust with the factory original or try to reconfigure the pipe causing the interferance.   Carrying the spare in the bed of the truck is not an option as it takes up way to much cargo room.

If the exhaust pipe can be reconfigured, does anyone have any pictures that can be posted?  Any idea how much $ to do this?  If anyone has a factory exhaust system they are willing to part with, I'd be interested.




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I am running a Magnaflow Exhaust with Two 4" tips out behind the rear tire.
And I have a 35" spare under the AV. So it can be done.

Is there a local Muffler shop you know of that could just re-rout your existing system?
plenthy of pictures and members on here who have the spare tire and the exhaust run near it for driver side...

check out some older posts..
I don't drive the 05, but I do have that setup on my 07 with the tips coming out both sides behind the rear wheels. Also, I would think that it still would be cheaper just to have them re-run elsewhere rather than spending your hard earned cash on a complete new factory system.

Good Luck.
I have duals out of the side behind the rear wheels.  What they did was to do the crossover from the muffler to the drivers side as the pipe came over the rear axle.  I noticed on yours that it crossed over the axle then made the turn.  All you would have to do is re-route the drivers side.  Any good muffler shop can do this easily and probably at minimal cost.

Kajun :cheers:
Check out this link.  This shop did my Flowmaster  (y)