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Specific Poll - For Those With Black Interior


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Feb 27, 2002
Sorry I am kind of reposting a question I had earlier just to get a more definitive answer. I sent a message to Chevy to get an answer but they said "see your dealer". I don't know why they couldn't answer this one.

I have the black leather interior. What is odd to me is that the roof liner is the beige color. Earlier, Chief said he thought all Av's got this. However, one person said they have a black top too.

So, if you have black interior, please specify if you A) have leather, and 2) what color is your roof liner.

I think the dealer would tell me mine is correct since they wouldn't want to fix it if it is wrong. I don't know why Chevy couldn't answer this simple question.

I have the full leather/graphite interior. I have seen another with the full beige leather and both have the nuetral color liner. I have never seen an Av at a dealer with anything other than that. I believe it is standard, not a defect.
I have the charcoal leather interior, but my roof liner is this neutral color as well....I have never seen an Av yet that has had the charcoal leather and interior roof to match.... ???
I had the same question when I got mine, so the dealer and I walked the truck lot and very AV they had was equipted with the light colored liner. I think it looks "great", once you get use to it. ;D
Charcoal leather seats.

Beige roof liner.
:D :D
I am 99% sure all AVs come with the netural head liner and the black rug. All the ones Ive seen are this way. I think its an easy way for GM to save money on interior colors, floor and headliner stay the same, change the seats and pannels
My white Z66 has the black sport cloth buckets. With all that black, the headliner actually looks grey, but it is definitely the neutral! Course, mine is also the prettiest one ever seen!

I like the fact the roof liner is neutral...I think if everything was charcoal it would at too dark of an effect....not to mention in the summer you could fry eggs in your Av.. ;D
ok ok.... i get the picture. ;D

Thanks everyone for clarifying that for me. Obviously I just wanted to be sure I didn't get an "assembly defect" type of thing. I thought somebody else said they did have a black roof liner so I wanted to double check with everyone.

Thanks again!!

I have Grahite leather in my Av and in my 300M. Both have a neutral headliner. Must be the industry standard :rolleyes:
before i bought mine blk with neutral, i could swear it was an all black interior on this 02' red 2500 av. that we looked at. I must have looked at 20 different trucks, i could have mixed that up easily. ???
I have the charcoal leather interior. I have the neutral headliner also. I never even noticed it when I first bought it. It seems to be a good color. It would be awful dark inside if the headliner was black. ;D