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Speed Control Volume


New Member
Jul 3, 2007
Hi everyone!

Just bought a 2002 Avy and love it! 

What a great web site for Avy owners!  A wealth of information to share our interests.

I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with what looks like a small microphone over the driver's head in the ceiling.  I believe it is a microphone for the speed control volume.  It makes a buzzing type sound that is annoying and the frequency goes up and down with the speed of the vehicle.  If it's not that, does anyone know what it is and why it's making that noise.  Thanks for any help and input on this.
Haven't had that problem But :welcome: to the club
Oh, so common.

Even GM has a document for the mis-identification of the device.
:welcome: to CAFCNA, junglejet!
:D Thank you all for the welcome and your knowledge on this issue.  I wasn't even close on guessing this one! :rolleyes:  Motto:  Just shup up and ask what it is!  Thanks spotty.  I'll know how to proceed now.
The club is usually very friendly and helpful, till you asked the question I never notice the thing.
Mine always makes noise on start up in the winter only. Radio goes on, cant hear noise  :love:
junglejet said:
I believe it is a microphone for the speed control volume.?

Speed control volume uses info from the speed sensor. Not by " The more noise equals more speed technique". hehehe. Thanks for the chuckle  :love: