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Speed Sensitive Steering


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Jan 28, 2002
Saskatoon, Sask.
I have a question about the ease of the steering in the AV. Untill the AV I drove a 96 Chev ext cab, the steering in the ext was stiff, a person could relax your arm in the 2 oclock position and not worry. Dont dare do this in the AV. I find my AV steering very easy which is great excellent in the city. On the high way it does not change. Ive read about the speed sensitive steering in the trucks after 96 have never experienced it. Do all the AVs act this way? Does the AV have the speed sensitive steering? How was the speed sensitive steering did anyone have it?
need advise. or do I just have to get used to it.

Not sure what you mean.

The steering wheel does not take much effort to turn and around town it steers great very nimble and quick response.

On the highway little movements of the wheel do not cause the truck to move so fast for me. Just tiny corrections. with a little bit of deadband.

I find the AV tracks really straight unless I hit a dip or large crater in the road. Then it may wander a bit but then tracks on that heading again.
To be honest I believe I know what you mean...the steering is very light on the Av...very surprising for a full size truck..

It has a vague centerline feel to it, but to be honest coming from a hatchback with assisted steering this is great....
The steering is very light at highway speeds. I don't think the Av is as speed sensitive as our '96 Bonneville with speed sensitive steering. Reviews have called the Av steering "vague at the center".
I agree with the "too light" effort. Prior to the Av, I drove a '98 F150 that was a firmer steering and more forgiving effort. I'm sure on my next rock climbing adventure I'll appreciate my Av's light effort...but that was on the "con" side when making the buying decision.