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I had my AV only 2 days when I was driving through a residential neighborhood. I knew the police had been patroling this neighborhood quite a bit lately so I was careful not to go over 25mph. As I rounded the corner, sure enough there was a cop with his radar.
No worries I thought............Wrong!!!
On come the blue lights and I promptly pulled to the curb. I started getting out my paperwork from the dealership because I did not as of yet have any tags on my AV. As the officer stepped up to the window I said "you must have pulled me over cuz I have no tags on here yet." He said, "No sir, I pulled you over because you were speeding!" My chin about hit the floor in disbelief. :eek: I told him I know I couldn't have been speeding, I never went over 25mph! He promptly told me the speed limit was 20mph!!!
As I sat there shaking my head thinking about how ridiculous this would be to get a speeding ticket for going 25mph, the officer started asking questions about my AV. I got out and gave him a full demonstration. Afterwards he said "nice truck, have a nice day and WATCH YOUR SPEED"!
I'm still not sure if he just wanted a closer look at my AV or if he realized just how ridiculous it would be to write a speeding ticket for 25mph. Whichever it may be, the end result was perfect....NO TICKET!!! ;D
wow...you know he jsut wanted to check out your ride! ;D
I cant imagine getting a speeding ticket for 25mph in a 20mph.That would have sucked. :mad:
Bet you will see him cruising in an AV soon. :p
Definitely sounds like someone who just wanted to see your ride. :cool: If I got a ticket for five over you better believe I'd take it to court!

Thanks for sharing - that's a GREAT story!
wow, that was a close call. glad you got out of it.

the thoughts of Mr. Policeman while sitting in his cruiser

hmmm, this is boring... oh look, that one just went 26mph... i'll let him go.... that one 28 mph.... i'll let him go... oh look, and Avalanche, isn't that the truck with the mid gate, and he is speeding, going 25 mph.... now's my chance to see it, better pull him over....
Hit with the Change for a dollar?...that would have been nice.. :D
Just for the record, I do not believe there is a legal speed limit below 25 mph, unless in a school zone. I think he was definitely checking out the truck!