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Splash Panel


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Nov 1, 2005
Homewood, Alabama
I was driving on the Interstate at about 70 on Saturday, when I heard a rubbing noise at the right rear wheel, followed by a loud flapping.? I pulled over, thinking maybe I ran over something that had wrapped up around the wheel or something had broken.? It was the inner splash shield that had broken loose in the? middle but still held in place on either end.? I was able to easily remove the two pieces - the shield is held in place by 3 machine screws on one end and 2 on the other.? The shield had apparently come loose in the middle where it is held by two flimsy tabs that hook through holes in the metal inner paneland then rubbed against the inside of the tire until it wore through and started flapping against the tire.? I don't know if the tabs came loose because of vibration or because one had broken.? I don't think I hit anything on the road that was thrown up and hit the shield and the AV had never been off road.? I took it to the dealer and it was replaced under warranty - I think the wholesale price for the part is about $50.? Has anyone else had this happen?? The pictures are of the two pieces of the old shield, the new one, and a view of the shield installed.? The reason I have a picture of the new one is that I had to take it off when I got home and install it correctly.? The technician didn't fit it properly and it bulged out in the middle.


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Hasn't happened to me and I hope it doesn't. Glad you got it repaired, and even better it didn't cost you anything. Noticed you were in B'ham, so am I and a few others. Check out this link if you haven't already.

hard to get folks to do things right  :E:

It probably failed because it was installed incorrectly before  :mad:

Good catch!