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SPORT TRAC Vs AV Who's Winning?


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Jan 18, 2002
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Any site where you can look up sales figures for the Av and the Ford Sport Trac? I am curious to see who is winning the SUT race. I notice more Tracs around here in W.PA than Avs.but may be because they were available longer. I do notice a lot of Avs on the lots though :C: :D:
I can't find any data on the monthly Sport Trac figures. Ford does not include a vehicle breakdown in their SEC 8-K filings like GM does. I'll keep looking. (it's now a quest! :cool: )

Here are the updated AV sales through April:

updated sales figures

Sport Trac numbers are hard to come by. Ford is losing a lot of ground so they aren't publishing their monthly break downs - further the Sport Trac numbers are typically blended in with the Explorer numbers. The last number I saw was roughly 5,000 to 5,500 per month and declining - so the Av is outselling the Sport Trac.

The Cadillac EXT absolutely crushed the Lincoln Blackwood to the point that Lincoln has shot the Blackwood in the head - two years earlier than planned...
Any site where you can look up sales figures for the Av and the Ford Sport Trac? I am curious to see who is winning the SUT race. I notice more Tracs around here in W.PA than Avs.but may be because they were available longer. I do notice a lot of Avs on the lots though :C: :D:

Where are you located in Western PA?
I'm right across the border in Northern WV in Weirton.
One city limit is PA (East) and the other is Ohio (West)
Not that it is a big town. Only about 4.5 miles from state to state. I see at least four other AV's running around here.

I bought my Avalanche at Seretti's in Moon Township by the airport. (25 minutes away)

Are there any more Pittsbugh area Av owners in the club?
I have to say I doubt Ford is going to be putting out any numbers as to how many units they are selling...I've haven't been really following their status but I know they are not in the best of places right now...it seems as though their problems keep growing everyday....
Ford continues to miss the bucket even more as the years go on. They have allowed their Mustang to fall terribly to the Corvette. Back in the 80's the mustang was very close in speed to the Vette.
Who in Ford actually thought the Blackwood was pretty. That has to be the ugliest of all trucks out there.
Has anyone ever seen one on the road? The Sport Track is nice looking but the Avalanche came out at the worse time for Ford. If it wasn't for the Ave the Sport Track would be selling a lot better. I am sure.
Ford needs to come out with a 40,000 dollar tops, sports car that competes with the Vette. It should not be an SVT or Saleen Mustang. Something new, Something bold. The GT 40 is nice but the tag is way too high. The mustang can't even keep up with a Camaro. I hate to say it but Chrysler is kicking the pants off of Ford. What a nightmare!! :6:
Uh, the stang was never ment to be a competitor with the vette. The camaro was the stangs evil brother. No one has made anything to compete with the vette since the viper. But the viper is in another class with an $80,000 price tag.
Corvette stands alone!! :B:
Back in the mid 80's the Mustang was always if I remember correctly compared to and tested against the Vette. Back in 84, I had a 84 GT 5.0 which did infact run very close to the vette. In 86 I got an 86 RX7 (new style change) and even that ran close to the vette.

As the Vette got tremendously faster and better handling in the late 80's early nineties, the Mustang just got by. In 93, I bought a GT 5.0 5 speed. That car drove tighter and faster then the previous years but compared to the Vette, No comparison.

Just my memories of how I percieved it.

I still want a VIPER >:D
Isn't a Sport Track just an Explorer? An AV is totally new! 'nuff said.

BTW: This is the last year for the "F" cars. I would strongly recommend driving either an SS or WS6 (6 speed) model. You might think twice about wanting a Vette.

AVYNUT, you are right. The SportTrac is an Explorer to the second door. Then there's the ugly curve where the forward body ends and mounts to the frame. Then the bed mounts up to the cab area. It just doesn't look natural. When they first came out I though that it was a unique concept but the bed is so small - both in length and wifth - that you really weren't getting more but less car than an actual Explorer.

This is where the Av is so much better and definitely the segment leader in this style. Others will jump into the fray but unless they use the same full-size bed potential, they will have a hard time passing it off as a true SUV/Pickup combination. That is the draw - SUV size and comfort with full-size bed capability without having a crew-cab long box 20' long truck!.

I still like the SPort Trac, but it has two major drawbacks for me to use as a family car and trailer hauler:

1) I can't seat six like I can with my Av
2) The bed is too small to cram all my camping stuff in

Also, the back seats aren't as wide, so my kids would be on top of each other fighting like crazy. With my Av, I solved all these problems and more! :D
Well ... the Sport Trac does have that interesting Kalama's website :rolleyes:

Only if I wasn't so MOD-busy :0: