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Start Date For 2004??


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Feb 14, 2002
Calgary, Alberta
Anybody know when they will start manufacturing the 2004 Avy's?? I imagine it is sometime in July-early August, but does anybody have the actual week of start-up?? I also imagine they have stopped taking orders for the 2003, but can anyone confirm that as well?
I don't know the start week yet but they have stoped taking orders on 2003's We should see the 1st 2004 Avalanche in the end of July to early Aug. I will see about finding out the start up week
Has anyone heard what the changes are going to be for '04?
Actual production of the 2004 models will begin on August 4th.

I was told the 2003 order deadline was May 15th by my local dealer, and May 31st by someone else, but regardless, it's over.
Chevy Customer Service advised me the "Build Out Date" for the 2004 is August 5th. I read the print book for all the options and codes. Please advise when pricing becomes avaiable. Does anyone know if the rebates go down at the start of a new model year, and are the rebates less for a 2004 when there are still 2003's to sell? Thoughts????????
Well, pooh. I guess I waited too long for a yellow Avalanche. :mad:

Now the question is whether I should get the Arrival Blue or wait till January for the Sunset Orange II?

Of course, it is all dependent upon how much I'm able to scrounge up this summer. :p