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Started amp, cap, dist. block & sub box


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Aug 2, 2002
Southern California
I started installation of our new stereo equipment over Memorial weekend.

I built an amplifier rack under the rear seats. Amps include a Pioneer Premier 800 watt mono amp for the sub, a Pioneer Premier 650 watt 4 channel amp for the door speakers, a 4way pos/ neg distribution block with built in volt/ amp meters and a 12 farad digital capacitor with built in volt/ amp meters.
The speakers are going to be Pioneer Premier components in the front & coaxials in the rear doors. And finally a 10 inch Pioneer Premier thin mount sub. I will be building my own sub box that will mount behind the rear seats.
Cindy still needs to order the speakers but I have the amps, distribution block & capacitor already mounted & wired. I think it look pretty good so far....
Here are some pics.... ( If I can get them to work, I hate this technical stuff? )


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Last one.....
I think it came out OK. Before someone chimes in about the capacitor size, I know it is waaayyy overkill but I liked the look of it and thanks to E-Bay it cost about the same as retail for a 2 Farad cap.

Anyway it was fun to build, now I can't wait to get the speakers and hear what it sounds like.


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very cool!  I love that distro block  :D
Geez Ken - you don't do ANYTHING simple do you??

That looks awesome - and I'm sure it's going to rock!
Can Cindy do the "Happy Dance"??

Looking forward to seeing it. We are doing a rebuild on Dar's sound system as well, Started yesterday. Not quite as big as yours though!

very nice install.  cant wait to see the finished product.
I finally got the low profile subwoofer and Ken built a "behind the seat" box for it.
He did a really nice job.... looks clean and sounds good too...
Almost done with the system except for the door speakers...

The speaker is a Pioneer Premier TS-SW1041D.
He built the box using 1/2" MDF  ~ 30" X 14" X 5" sloping up to 3" for a volume of .6 cubic feet as per pioneer specs.

Here's a couple pics of the sub box...


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Another look at the amp rack he built. (y)



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very nice.  looks easily removed if the gate needs to go down. (y)
Really nice work guys. w4p keep us posted of the end results.