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Steering Column Rattle


SM 2003
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Jul 2, 2002
Mesa, AZ
I have a 2003 2500 Avy. There was a rattle under the steering column, inside the dash. It was not constant, and it seemed to be more noticeable at high speeds.
After some checking, it appears that the transmission shift interlock (keeps the trans from being shifted out of park unless the brake pedal is pressed, if the ign is on) snaps on to the steering column loosely, and wiggles around.
I stuck a spring underneath it, and the noise has 90% disappeared. Next time I'm at the dealer, I will discuss it with them; for now it's much easier to fix it myself.

The part is located underneath the steering column, behind the knee bolster (see photo).

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
I'm having the same problem

Can this be done without taking the dash apart? I can't figure out the orientation of the photo.
Thanks for the help.
It's a tricky area to photograph. You have to remove the panel underneath the steering wheel. There are 2 screws along the very bottom, pointing upwards, sort of above your knees when seated. Then the panel has 2 spring clips at the top. Just pull the panel towards the back of the truck.
Then you must unbolt the steel shield around the steering column to gain easy access (4 nuts, bolts are captive). It's not as complicated as it sounds. Go for it!
Thanks...now I understand what you did. I wonder if duck tape would work just as well.

I'll give it a shot and see if it stops the annoyance. Thanks for the tip.

Now I only have about 4 more rattles, vibrations, and clicks to figure out.
I don't think so. The shift lock mechanism moves as the gear shift lever goes from park to drive.
I'm taking it to the dealer on Fri to see if they have a better fix. I'll post the results.