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Steering Noise In Reverse



:8: :8: got a brand new 2003 1500z1 . when i back into my driveway or go in reverse with my wheels turned opposite from my backing direction,a loud groaning noise comes through the steering mechanism. i had it to the dealer once and he lubed everything.. no luck/// help
Don't worry, mine did the same thing. Take it to your dealer and have them replace the steering box. Inside the steering box is a valve that adjusts the preasure to the steering lines. It is bad. The valve itself can not be replaced without replacing the whole box. If they have any questions, private message me and I can get them in touch with my service dept. They did all of this under warranty for me

Hope this helps.

I have the same problem with my 2003 1500 while turning the wheel going into or out of a parking space. Thanks for the info as I will also notify my dealer and report the results here.
My 03' also does the same thing. It is always at low speeds going in either forward or reverse turning into parking spaces or turning around in my driveway. I've been waiting to take it back to the dealer because it doesn't do it all the time. :C:
Yup, its the steering box. Mine was fixed under warranty last week and not a peep since then.

For some strange reason though, I think I can now turn the wheel further to the right ??? ??? ???
I had this steering noise and could never reproduce the noise at the dealer. I now have 13000 miles and haven't heard the noise for about 6000 miles. It just went away? ???
Mine was making the noise real bad for a few days, Then it went away for about a month and now its making the noise going foward while turning the wheel. I guess its time to go to the dealer.
I have the same problem, but that groaning noise seems to be the result of straining the power steering. However my AV makes a ticking/clicking sound when making hard turns, left or right, forward or reverse. At first it was only when I would have the wheel in the furthest position, but now it does it even when I'm not at the limit. Let me know what you find out, cause I'm trying to hold out till the first oil change before I take it to the dealer. Thanks