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Steering Problem While Driving



I have an '02 avalanche with an ongoing problem since new. While driving ( accelerating) truck pulls to left under moderate or heavy throttle. ( torque steer) I've taken it to several dealers with no end results. If I let off the gas, truck tracks straight, but as soon as I accel it pulls left. Any other concerns about this problem. They keep telling me there's nothing wrong with the truck. For some reason it just seems left steer dominant. There's seems to be more resistance turning the wheel to the right than the left. Also while riding over bumps, the steering wheel always kicks to the left with slight looseness in the wheel. I've driven several other avalanches and have not experienced this problem. What can it be????????? Any suggestions????????
With your truck when it happens are you always on the same road. Did the dealer rotate tires? Just wondering. AJ
Have they checked the bushings and mounting bolts on the rear control arms?

If these are bad/loose it can cause torque steer
First of all, check your tire pressure - yep, even mechanics can forget to check this crucial thing. Ensure that they are inflated to the factory recommended pressure.
A mixture of under and over inflated tires can make any vehicle a spooky handling machine. Second, did you replace your OEM rims and tires...sometimes wider tires combined with a different rim offset can cause 'tramming' and kicking on uneven surfaces. Next, go to another dealer for a second opinion...
Everyone has valid points - I would suggest the tire pressure issue first as this you can do yourself - the recommended pressure setting is on the door jamb vin sticker - I would also suggest a problem with too much positive caster on your alignment - has the dealer checked the alignment?