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Steering Wheel Alignment



Just got my 2002 AV back from the dealer. I had a problem with the steering wheel - when traveling straight down a road the wheel is at the 11:00 position. The service guy said it was due to the crown in the road and would always happen AND once the wheels are aligned at the factory - the steering wheel slides onto a keyway and this allows for no adjustment of the wheel position then. I was told I'd just have to learn to live with it.

This doesn't 'sound' right to me. :cautious: Can anyone offer me some advice or direction here.

Search for keyword Alignment in forums and I bet you will find lots-o-posts...

Does it sound right-no. I had same issue-wheel at 11 o'clock. There is a Service Bulletin regarding this issue. I am recalling from memory but I think it was 1 free alignment up to 7500 miles.

Well I have had 3 alignments to try and correct this problem. I started at 11 o'clock and since then I have been driving it at 1-2 o'clock to stay straight. After the 3rd try I am giving up. I will mention it again at my next service which is only 800 miles away and see what happens. :6:

One post had a guy who had done 5 trips to the dealer before it was satisfactory and he mentioned that the alignment had to go outside factory specs in order to get it right.
I agree with Dan, this doesn't sound right at all especially the "live with it, that's just the way it is" moto.......I can't say I've ever had that problem with my Av....best bet is keep giving them a hard time until they get it right.... :B:
I bought my Av Used and it badly needed a wheel aliment. I didn't go to my dealer, I had a private mechanic fix it and had no problems. UNTIL... I was getting this strange noise from the front drivers side wheel. Went to the dealer who told me some crazy BS and said the tired needed to be rotated. I figure well I bought it used so the tires probably hadn't been rotated. Well since the dealer rotated my tires my steerin wheel is also in the 11 o'clock position. It is very annoying. Now I know why!

Good Luck
My wheel was at the 11 oclock position as well from day one of owning my av. ? I thought just maybe it was because I put 18's on the truck ?so I had the dealer align it.....now Im at the 2 oclock position as well and the truck handles liek pure crap a really bad alignment job.

My truck is now going in for an alignment ata caddy dealer here. I know them well because they servicemy other cars....guess they will be servicing the av as well.

I see we are not alone. ?
When I got my Av the steering wheel was also at the 11 o'clock position. The salesman told me it would straighten itself out after about 1,000 miles. If it didn't, to bring it back. Well, I knew this was a line of bs so I drove it for 5,000 miles (of course, nothing changed) and had an old timer I've used for years re-align it. It would be a whole lot easier for everyone if they were aligned correctly from the factory.
Your not the only one, my steering wheel is at about the 11:15 position. I don't think my dealer ahs the competance to handle the problem. They are the same ones that smiled and said 'oh yea, it's normal to have water come in from the midgate. It was designed that way, that's why there are two drain holes in the cab'.
anyway, they did an alignment and it helped but my steering wheel is still not center and the truck still wanders to the right.
I have to go back out to the dealer soon to get a replacement shock. I'll see how they handle things this time, then I'll be off to find a decent service dept at another dealership.