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Sticky Lifter?? / What type of Oil??


SM 2007
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Apr 10, 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
Was hopping some engine guys might chime in on this one. I have an 04 WBH 5.3 and I think I have a sticky lifter and possibly need a valve adjustment. It makes a lifter clack at start up and idle. I run heavy duty 10w 30 oil for trucks and I have a feeling that is the problem. I was wondering if anybody knew of a good engine cleaner (i.e something to add to the oil)? I know in my old chevy motors (350, 400) I would run a quart of transmission fluid for a few hundred miles before I changed my oil. I plan on going to a synthetic blend or full synthetic, any preferences on oil what weight? I live in Michigan so I need something will will hold up below freezing.

I appreciate any responses.
I never used engine cleaner before but back in the day would run a quart of marvel mystery oil instead of a quart of oil to quiet lifters. Always in older bombs though, not my AV :D
1) Do a complete oil change using a recommended 5W-30 oil, such as Valvoline. DO NOT put any oil into your 5.3L other than 5W-30.

2) Use a Delco PF59 or Mobil-1? M1-206 oil filter. NEVER EVER EVER use a FRAM oil filter.

3) Your problem is most likely due to not using 5W-30 oil.

4) Synthetic oils are OK, but you will not get any cost benefit over a long time period with synthetic, and that is according to the experts.