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Stock 16x6.5 2500 Av Rim???


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SM 2003
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Mar 3, 2002
Las Vegas, NV
I love my Av - such a sweet truck! One thing that I liked about my Durango (sold to buy the Av) was its full survice spare (same rim and tire as the other four). I think I could put a stock alloy rim and tire to match the BFG tires that I have on my Av.

Has anyone tried to put a full survice tire under their Av? It looks like there is plenty of room, but possibly it will be too thick and hang down lower than I want.

I'm thinking of pulling a wheel off and trying it in the spare position.

Has anyone priced the 16x6.5 alloy wheel that is stock on the 2500 from GM? I like the looks and am planning on keeping them but would like to add a matching spare.

Maybe someone that has replaced their stock rims with custom ones would be willing to sell one. I realize the problem with buying just one (how about if three other 2500 owners wanted one each for the same reason?). It could work out. Just thinking of some options.

Cheers, Jim
I wouldn't want to sell just one either - what do you do with the other three. I knew that would be the problem. Well, maybe I'll see how much GM wants for one.