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Stock Alarm w/ Strobes Security Mod?


Full Member
Sep 9, 2006
Atlanta, GA
Like many AV owners I have strobes installed. I was wondering how I could wire up the strobes to go off if the alarm is set off? It has to be possible since the headlights are activated, but also if the headlights are blinking when the alarm is set off, does this mean it is only being sent intermittent power? If anyone has done this or knows how please share your knowledge.

Will Atkins
Will, if you have aftermarket strobes, you have to use a relay on the output of the alarm to the strobe lights.  It's possibe, but you must have an activation output on the alarm.
You have any idea where and if the stock GM Alarm has an output? Time to ask someone like sperry I guess!
send itstopher a pm.  he has this mod on his.  its an aftermarket alarm, if that matters.