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Stock Frontend Rake .......


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Apr 3, 2002
Orlando Florida
can it be removed, i.e. level out the truck. On my 98 Duango I just cranked up the front torsion bars to level the truck out. anyone tried leveling out the AV?

Do a search on "torsion". There have already been a few discussions about that topic. I did mine, just last night. I wasn't able to level it out completely, but it looks a lot nicer.
Believe it or not .when I put on bigger tires (33") the truck appears to be more level. ;D
Well, it's just a matter of opinion - either you like the 'roadster' look or not - I don't - but probably won't do anything about it either. IMO, the Av doesn't need to be any higher, and lowering the butt looks more involved than I want to tackle!
No, I didn't raise it. I am going to post a picture to show where the wheel well was modified in the front. It's just swelldiddlybillybobthorton:p
Chasman said:
Dumb question: ?wjy do you want to level it out? ?I think the slope is swelldiddlybob.

I am with him - trying to get mine to nose down as the yellow lights drop down the ladder ;D