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Stuck At The Light


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Feb 27, 2002
Twin Cities, MN
I was on my way to renew the tabs on my wifes 2000 Grand Am when I noticed I was being chased by a guy in a black Cadillac Escalade. At the next light, I was in the left lane and he pulled into the left turn lane. He pointed to lower the window as his was already on the way down. First thought: "What did I do to this guy?" All he said was "How do you like it?" I said "it rides like your Cadillac!" As I explained to him how much better power and ride this has over my 99 Expedition XLT, my father's '00 Durango 5.9 R/T and my old '95 Grand Cherokee Ltd, he replied that he really wanted the Cadillac EXT but it doesn't come with the 4WD option. Being in Minnesota, the 4WD option is a must. As the light turned green, I started to go but he kept talking. We both took honks from the folks behind us, but he wouldn't stop asking questions. We both left as the light turned yellow!

I think he is going to upgrade to an AV!
Nope. Only the traction control.

The dealer near me has two on his lot and both are tricked out with special rubber........I'd want the 4WD too for my local.
Clarification folks. ?The Cadillace Escalde EXT comes with all-wheel-drive traction control. ?So it is fulltime 4WD. ?However it does not have a 2-H1, 4-Hi, or the vital 4-Lo setting. ?So for driving in say the snow - it actually would be awesome. ?For taking it off-road into the mud, over a river and through a boulder field - well, don't get stuck out there.

So just a point - it is all-wheel-drive not two-wheel drive but it is not part-time 4WD like the Av...

(confused yet)
nope, our Mountaineer has all wheel drive. I have to teach my wife how to use the 4 wheel drive transfer case.... this should be fun!...