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Suit Claims Mold In Escalade Caused Depression


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May 11, 2002
OK, GM should fix the leaks but this mould BS is really getting out of hand. :7: I have had some really flooded trucks in my life and other than smelling funny until the carpet dried out no problems.

I wonder how all of these years we have lived with home and cars flooded during hurricanes and such and never had any mold problems until the asbestos and tobacco cases were over? >:D

I guess those of you who can't get their dealer to fix the leaks in your AV can always show them this article and claim you get dizzy when you drive it. >:D

I wish my doctor would prescribe leather seats. ;D

I still think my AV is an excellent vehicle. Some problems exist in any vehicle series.


May 17, 2002, 12:54AM

Suit against GM claims mold in Escalade caused depression
Bloomberg Business News
WATAUGA, N.C. -- General Motors Corp. is being sued by a man who says mold in his Cadillac sport utility vehicle caused permanent injuries that left him suffering chronic depression and unable to work.

Timothy Everett Greene blames GM and a GM dealership for his depression, memory loss, tremors and breathing problems. The lawsuit says faulty weatherstripping in his 1999 Cadillac Escalade led to rainwater leaks, which allowed the mold to grow. The GM dealer in Watauga failed to fix the vehicle and offered the church pastor a less expensive SUV as a replacement, his lawsuit says.

"I don't know what the case is worth, but we feel it's worth millions of dollars, considering what's happened" to Greene, said his lawyer, David Duffus. "He's had to give up his church, and he can't sing any more."

Detroit-based GM, the world's largest automaker, says it hasn't had any similar claims of illness caused by mold. Corporate defense lawyer Peter Lynch of Philadelphia said the case may remain a novelty. Scientists have yet to prove that mold leads to permanent illness, he said.

Still, allegations of mold-related damage to homes and businesses have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance claims, said insurance analyst A.M. Best Co. of Oldwick, N.J. The company-paid claims in Texas alone are expected to total $700 million this year.

GM spokesman Jay Cooney said the company isn't responsible for Greene's illness.

"This is the only lawsuit of its kind that we've ever received," Cooney said. "So people can decide for themselves if this is a problem with 90,000 Escalades."

The Mack Brown dealership offered to replace the Escalade with a lower-priced SUV and planned to charge Greene for the leather seats recommended by his doctor, the lawsuit said.

Duffus said he expects more lawsuits to be filed when more people realize their cars can pose a toxic mold health risk. He said Greene's case is the only such lawsuit he is handling, though he's heard from other attorneys considering similar suits.
Sadly, just like the woman who spilled McDonalds coffee on herself while driving, he will probably be awarded money.

He and his family should then be banned for life from buying ANY GM product.

My wife's Explorer causes her some mild depression, but it's only because she doesn't want it anymore. ;D ;D ;D
Of course I know what kind of vehicle she has her eye on right now, and that could definately cause me some depression.

Dayum ambulance chasing Lawyers :8:
And eating too many donuts is making me fat . . . it's certainly not MY fault . .

Look out Krispy Kreme - I think I'll sue someone!

People like this are low forms of life!
I had a persistent leak in my Jeep Cherokee. I guess I could have sued Chrysler for depression but then I bought the Avy and now I feel much better. ;D
Powersurg, I think you could sum it up by saying
"Chevy Avalanche, the cure for the common car."

lest any of you wonder,

jackalanche <----- DEFENSE lawyer

yes, I defend companies (now just the companies my employer insures) from the money hungry crazy-a** suits the plaintiffs' attorneys dream up. For instance, that McDonalds case verdict did not get paid by Mickey D's, it was satisfied by their insurance company (of course McDonalds paid insurance premiums for this protection). OK, to be really honest, I have initiated a suit here and there, but only when you clearly owe my company $15 million (the people I sued yesterday know who they are).

now I am not sure that telling you I work for an insurance company will enhance your opinion of me, but at least you can know with certainty that no offense will ever be taken for suggesting that plaintiff's lawyers are sometimes a pretty scummy bunch (note that I think they do serve a valuable function in a limited number of situations, where a true wrong needs to be righted.)

anyway, you may now return to your regularly schedulled program, already in progress. ;)
If you ask me this is all Bu** S**t (excuse my language). Let's review... Preacher driving a Cadillac SUV -- hmm some wealthy church here. Now he can't sing so he looses his church -- OK I guess the people who frequent this church can't stand bad singing...

Which ever way you play it -- It all stinks and I hope he gets nothing more then being completely embarrased for what he is trying to do... :D:

My sister is a lawyer and also represents insurance companies.....She drives a chevy too so she ain't all that bad LOL
Now I've heard it all....so I guess it's GM's fault for this guys lame excuse.....some people will try anything to make a buck....how about WORK FOR IT!!! :B:
jamie said:
Sadly, just like the woman who spilled McDonalds coffee on herself while driving, he will probably be awarded money.
<flame on>
The woman who spilled coffee on herself was found partially at fault for her injuries, but she sustained third degree burns from the coffee. McDonald's own witnesses testified that their coffee, as served, was not fit for consumption because it was held at 190 degrees - 50 degrees hotter than your home coffeemaker - and that they had no intention of reducing the temperature despite having over 700 claims of injury between 1982 and 1992, including other third degree burns. That is why she was awarded the $2.7 million in punitive damages, but even that was reduced to $480,000, and probably lower, since they entered into a sealed settlement. Whatever she received, it was almost certainly more than the $20,000 she offered to settle for before the trial.
<flame off>
uh Sten, in keeping with the spirit of this site I will have to just say you are certainly entitled to your own understanding of the facts of that case and of what all coffee drinkers (including the coffee spiller) know to expect regarding fresh coffee temperature in general. It is called assumption of the risk, just as I assume responsibility for properly handling the scissors I buy from Wal Mart, if my wife stabs me with them later this weekend (she is often close to doing so, as you can well imagine) I guess Wal Mart is at fault, especially if the scissors are shown to be "especially sharp" and other folks had also gotten poked with Wal Mart scissors . . . happy to have a spirited debate about tort reform and some one else always being to blame for one's own conduct, but let's agree on a time for the chat room for it since we may be off the Av topic here a bit . .

anyway, about my leaking blue Av, which could very easily give rise to mold at some point - perhaps this will prompt further action from GM on the wet carpet issue, some silver lining here . . .
Man the sad part is that this guys claims to be a man of GOD! Let him have a new SUV now. His payday is coming!


Just as point of reference.

My dad has a very good friend who left the CPA practice to become a preacher and he had a taste for 300Z's... so there might be a good reason why this preacher was able to afford a caddy SUV....

Otherwise - this suit is crazy (from my perspective) Now if I knew the guy and it all seemed on the up & up maybe my opinion would be different.

How is that for a waffle :)