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Sun Roof Buffeting



My sunroof makes a buffeting noise at about 40 to 45 MPH when it is opened all the way. I have to shut it about an inch to prevent this. This is very annoying and embarrassing when passengers ride in my new Avalanche. Does anyone else experience this? Any solutions?

If you crack open any of your windows just slightly, the discomfort to your eardrums should dissapate. Probably not the solution you were looking for but I hope that helps :D
That is simple! Just thought maybe somebody knew of a longer or different air dam. Thanks dante
Suggest searching the for this topic...been discussed many times and multiple solutions from cracking windows to messing with deflector springs.
i bought a gts piece that fits in front of my roof and it has helped alot. you can see it on my webiste click my sig to see it and pic 2 is the best shot have right now will take more tomorrow. l8tr
There was a post that told how to bend the deflector springs a little more but I searched for it and couldn't find it. The site lost a few days of posts a few months back and it probably got lost. Basically try to push up on your deflector (or pull it down to make the problem worse). Either bend the deflector springs or show your dealer what happens when you raise and lower it with your fingers and have him order a new one.