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Sun Visor Verification



Tonight while driving west at sundown I tried to use the sunvisor and found it to be basically useless. If I flip it forward, it blocks the view of the road. Plus, when extending the, uh, extension it blocks the rear view mirror. It was like flying IFR without a turn-and-bank or a ball to step on.

Now, I am not a tall man. Six-foot nothin'...although I do seem to be taller from the tail up than from the tail down.

Has anyone used the visors? How about the extension? Is there a trick to positioning these things? By the way, it's an '02 1500 4X4


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Jul 17, 2002
Buffalo, NY
I think the big issue is the "fold" ln the outboard end of the visor. It's too thick and stiff, and doesn't fold back properly, in my opinion.

My old Blazer had similar visors, and the fold area was flexible enough that you could easily push the visor past veritcal and up against the windshield. When you did that, the bottom edge came up to a reasonable height, and the extension could pull out and pass between the rear view mirror and the windshield. It worked quite nicely.

Maybe with repeated use and flexing, that fold will loosten up, and allow the same thing to happen?

I've not tried loostening it up. I just usually flip the visor over to the side window (duck so it doesn't hit you in the head!) and flip down the smaller auxilliary visor. Then I flip the main visor back to the storage position. I find that the small visor is usually enough, and I can slide it from side to side as needed.

It's the little details that often make a big difference in day-to-day comfort and convenience. :mad:

-- SS



I have used the "little" visor, it's much more useful than the "big" visor. In taking a closer look, it appears that the sun visor clip is preventing the visor from flipping up to a useful position. Do you suppose a big hammer would reshape things enough or should I use a blowtorch?

Barring a radical modification do either of you know if there is such a thing as an after-market sunvisor that would work better?

I'll of course have to put any such thing on the list of mods like the spray-on bedliner, running boards, and a stereo. So many mods so little permission from my wife!!




Yeah, I've always been more of a draught-horse than a gazelle. I look like Marvin the Martian walking beside my father-in-law who is 6'7". But I gave up trying to appear dignified years ago.

That, of course does not apply when I'm driving my Av. If I put the seat on the floor and look through the steering wheel to drive, won't I look like I'm "compensating"?

Squint or slouch...I want a better option!!