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Sunroof Panel Rattle


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Dec 19, 2002
Hampden Mass
Has anyone else noticed a rattle coming from the sunroof shade of there Avalanche? If so was your dealer able to fix it & how ? My dealer is not doing so good at getting things fixed so I have to help them along where ever I can.
Mine sometimes thumps a bit but nothing too bad and rarely......I would say maybe adding felt strips in the track on which the shade slides on may help
This issue happens in our Av when the sunshade panel is open (whether or not the sunroof itself is open or not). When the panel is closed, the rattle goes away.

I brought this up to the dealer -- they said this is what happens in vehicles with sunroofs. The issue went away when I removed the sunshade panel and reinstalled it. Little by little, the noise has been coming back. Perhaps there is some glider or track that gets out of whack over time... :6:
I too have a rattle in my sunroof panel and in the dash for that matter. I love my Avalanche but the typical GM rattle thing is very annoying.
Yes, my sunroof pannel will sometimes rattle.

For me, it happens when it's either closed or open. Not so much when in between.

When I get a chance I'm going to shim the rail it travels on with some masking tape or something... It seems as though it's too loose and move up and down enough to rattle something up there.

This might be easier to do in the summer / from the top of the truck. I had some experience with the sunroof in my old Blazer, but I haven't really checked out this one too much... I'm assuming they're similar.
Also, just wanted to make note that it does this in extreme cold weather... Not so much in any other conditions.
The only time mine does not rattle is when the roof is wide open :cool:...but the temp is not supposed to see north of 25 :eek: outside for the next few days soo I live with it. I agree that it is more annoying and noisy in colder weather.
It was cold this weekend, so I did some fooling around...

It's not the actual panel on my truck that's rattling. ?If I hit the panel, it rattles, but it's louder if I hit back near the light.

If I open the sunroof's shade, the noise is just about completely gone.

I'm thinking it's the power wire for the light, rattling up and down, maybe against the roof or something. ?With the sunroof shade pulled back, maybe it goes between the wire and the metal of the roof, dampening the noise?

When I have a few more minutes, I'll try to take down the light and see what's going on.
Mine has developed a rattle as well. Right now my panel is open and it is fairley cold here (20s). I haven't had a chance to take a good look at it yet but....

There is a metal spoiler (for lack of a better term) that pops up when the sunroof opens. I am wondering if that is what's rattling? Maybe when the sunroof is closed, it is retracted down and is slightly touching the frame of the sunroof and is rattling when there is any sort of vibration???

I am going out of town this weekend but will take a close look soon. It is very annoying!!!! :mad:

By the way, I saw someone mention the rumbling or reverberation that occurs when the sunroof is fully open at around 45 mph? Well, I think that metalic spoiler that pops up is supposed to stop that. The problem is that it doesn't pop up quite high enough. Next time you have the roof open and the rumbling starts, reach up and push the spoiler up as far as it will go. The rumbling seems to go away or it at least reduces it.

I'm thinking that as the air flows across the top of the sunroof, it is causing a vacuum ( Bernoulli Principal) hence causing the reverberation?

That spoiler needs to be a bit larger in order to create more turbulance as the air flows across the roof. ???

Anyway... That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Mine does this too, only when open. I have not looked closely at the problem but am very excited to here if there is any solution.

Annoying indeed,


Well, I finally found the time to take a good look at my sunroof and sure enough, it was the pop up spoiler that was rattling against the sunroof frame. So I took this opportunity to fix my rattle and try my hand at creating my first web page!
Click on the link and take a look at how I got ride of my rattle... http://users.adelphia.net/~jbburke/sunroof/
JBB3 said:

Well, I finally found the time to take a good look at my sunroof and sure enough, it was the pop up spoiler that was rattling against the sunroof frame. So I took this opportunity to fix my rattle and try my hand at creating my first web page!
Click on the link and take a look at how I got ride of my rattle... http://users.adelphia.net/~jbburke/sunroof/

Very nice solution and web page!! (y)

Good detective work, an elegant solution, and excellent presentation.

Thank you!

-- SS
Thanks for the nice comments SJP & SS!

I hope it helps someone to get rid of their annoying rattle!
(although it would be better if it didn't rattle in the first place...)

my sunroof visor rattles when it is closed when you open it it stops, or if you put slight pressure onit it also stops.
Also I have a dash rattle on the right side near the glove compartment, it only rattles when it is less than 30 degrees, when the truck warms up it stops..
the dealer had the local trim shop do a repair. They fixed it realy well for about a week then the noise came back.
my rattle is also near the light & goes away when the roof is open. Has anyone been able to fix this problem
As you mention, our rattle sounded like it was happening around the light. If you barely push on the light, the rattle would stop. I pulled the light out of the headliner (it pops right out), and the rattle still happened.

We asked the dealer about this again when taking the Av in for a scheduled maintenance. This time, they had a 3rd party sunroof company take a look. They "adjusted with shims" and we've been rattle free almost 2 months now.
well I thought I had a rattle in my sunroof.. but it only occured at speeds of about 55- 60 mph. ?After a little more checking I think mine is a plugged drain line from the front drivers side corner. ?When I get my ear closer to the source it is definitely a low rumble of water bubbling like some air is getting in/out but water in ?a low spot (trap) is gurgling. ?Any way to check/clean a drain tube?
BullDawg said:
Any way to check/clean a drain tube?
When you say front driver's side corner, are you referring to the noise being around the front of the driver's door, the area around the back of left front fender, or the air inlet grille panel (beneath the windshield)?
My noise is coming from the front corner of the sunroof opening.. I had to literally put my head up to the sunroof opening while driving with the sunroof closed to pinpoint the noise... definitely coming from the front DS corner of the roof opening.
The front sunroof drain goes right down the windshield column on the driver's side -- this sounds like the area you're talking about.

It's a little bit of a bear to get to, but you can do it by removing the windshield pillar molding (straight out to release the retainers), removing the sunshades (there are three screws at the base of the shade), and pulling down the corner of the headliner. Then you can remove the hose from the module nozzle and clip. I attached an illustration if you're interested in tackling this on your own.


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