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Sweet Pics Of Custom Avalanches


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Feb 6, 2002
I recognize some of those Av's, but the white one with the snugtop looks real nice......the rest are very cool too!!! :cool:
I recognize some of them also. The one with the name pa310085 looks like a remote control car. It's too dressed up! These are nice trucks, not my style though.
The red one on page four belongs to a club member. Since he has already talked about it here on the board and even posted pics, he probably won't mind me saying so. ;)

Nice truck Matts_U.A.V.! ;D ;D ;D

well, that orange and black one has given me some ideas... now to go rob a bank to pay for it....
I thought that red Av..was Matt's but I wasn't sure......the White Av...with the body decals belongs to 4x4tv.com....

The best part about seeing all these Av's is you can gear yourself more toward the look that suits you as an individual......some folks may not like the lifted look, while others might not like the 20 inch "twinkies"....at the very least we can get a visual on what they would look like with these modifications.... :)
Wouldn't mind jacking mine up a bit but doesn't this void the warranty on the truck?
What I noticed was most if not all these AV's have painted cladding (sp?).

I guess this is a popular mod? and isn't the color changing for 2003?

Wonder if I can find a bodyshop to do mine? ???
spork_av said:
well, that orange and black one has given me some ideas... now to go rob a bank to pay for it....

That orange and black one belongs to master painter Pete Santini of Santini Custom Paint Works. There is an article in the July 2002 StreetTrucks on how he had the truck lowered 3 inches all the way around ;D
Your wording was perfect goo929. If anyone knows Santini or his work you know he is a master at the craft of auto paint and graphics.

Oh yea...and awesome video clip goo929
Definitely some nice looking rigs. Really like the PB010019. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. A few of those have been taken a little too far for my likes. When does an Av cease to be an Av?
Here's a sweet red one. I want, I want!!!
Oh yeah, ahhyeah - nice drawn in tires and red cladding on that one.

(y) ?:cool:

I have that same picture, unmodified, on my screen saver.
as for the red Av posted above, sweet yes but not possible, unless major surgery inside the wheel wells has been done (I think Gold is trying to tell - us this is a photo shop job).

those among us who have messed aroung with maximum OD tires size know what I mean. Gold, post the original pic.
Yes, nice
I believe pb020044 is a members trucks as well. I asked on one of the boards where the cow pusher came from as I like it much better than stock but have not heard anything
Here is the original of that picture... man I wish I could have that kind of fender clearance!

Whoever did the photoshop job had good taste... nice looking Av!

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wasn't the bubble bee (yellow & black) the project
av for SUV magazine about two months ago? :cautious:
Yeah, I think it was April issue of Truckin SUV. They did a great section on modifying the AV, and our still working on it. I guess they're going to finish off the story in one of the next issues.
The pictures of the AV from Ebay that ahhyeah posted have me thinking about painting my cladding all over again ?:rolleyes: ?Oh course, I think that truck needs more chrome ?>:D