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Switch Steering Wheels On An '03??


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Mar 15, 2002
Southern Delaware
This latest $4k rebate has me very interested, but after searching, I can find about 5 Av's that are almost exact matches, but they lack either the Security or Convenience Package. Thus, no audio controls on the steering wheel. My question is, since the wiring is already there, how hard and expensive would it be for a dealer to switch the blank wheel for the one with controls? Wouldn't work? Too expensive?

Just thought I'd ask, since you guys seem to be able to come up with anything :D!
Based on my dealings on the same type issues the dealer will not switch it. Are you using GM's web site so you can look at any dealers inventory? It's a good tool.
I'm actually working on this kit right now. The kit will allow you to upgrade to the steering wheel controls and gain all functions of the trip computer in the cluster. It's still in R&D.

For the 2002 owners, I'm also working on making a separate kit to add the 2003 wheel to the 2002's and use the radio buttons for the radio and leave the others to do whatever you want. This is still in the idea stages, but I believe from my research so far, that it's possible.

Stay tuned
Pendum, please keep me informed on a steering wheel for the 03 with DIC controls, I failed to realize that the DIC only worked with the steering wheel controls ? :8: :8:

Chris :B:
So you are saying that I can't go out and buy the GM steering wheel with the DIC/Radio controls and plug it up and have it work right?
No, the plug isn't sitting there waiting. It's more technical.

Come on, we're dealing with GM. They wouldn't make it that easy.


have you figured it out yet??? If you need some technical info...let me know.. I might be able to contact the right people! ;)

BTW... the pwr extended mirrors with turn signals are working out great thanks to your bcm info!

ciao for now
A couple of the parts needed are on backorder. I've been waiting for them for about two months now and I can't tell you when they will be released.
Once I get the remaining parts it'll just be a week or two to finalize everything.

I'll keep everyone posted.

I would simply be happy to know how to make and connect a 4 button switch panel just to gain full access to the DIC. Of course Helm is out of stock of the factory service manuals.... :(
Jason I have been seriously looking at the steering wheel control buttons for the radio. ?But if there was a way to have this and access to the DIC, I would buy it tomorrow!

Please keep us updated.

:B: :B: :B:
I have spent all morning morning trying to re-find this topic and posts.

I thought I was getting a functional DIC when I bought my 03 AV as well. Only to find that Chevy kind of shorted some information when selling me the truck. I am very interested in this as well as and would like to purchase this mod when available. Please keep us posted as it looks like many want his option!
Also does anybody know how to bookmark individual topics that you want to follow without posting and requesting follow-up replies. I am new here and trying to learn my way around.
riverbound51 said:
Also does anybody know how to bookmark individual topics that you want to follow without posting and requesting follow-up replies. I am new here and trying to learn my way around.

When you reply to any post, there is an option block that you can check that says "check this if you wish to be notified of replies to this topic". The block is right above the POST-PREVIEW-RESET buttons. This will generate an email any time someone posts to the topic. You also have the option to edit your "notify of replies" by editing your posts at a later date.
there are probably other things you can do also, but I'm not aware of them yet.
The convenience package is really the only thing I kind of wish I sprung for, but I was trying to squeak by under a budget. ?Sounds like I may at least have the option of gaining some of the functionality in the future. ?I too was disappointed about having to get the conv. package to get full DIC functionality...kinda lame I think, but I guess that's the definition of "option" :cautious:

now im really pushing it... :8:
02 loaded avalanche with 03-04 steering wheel... With trip computer from an 01-02 denali/escalde... how many hundreds of hours would that take? or is it even posable?