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T-Shirts, Hats, And Boxer Shorts - Oh My!


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Jan 10, 2002
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The Steering Committee For the CAFC has made it's first official decision. We have decided to go ahead and forge a relationship with Cafe Press. Through our agreement we will be able to offer the following in the next couple of weeks:

  • CAFC t-shirts
  • CAFC Long sleeve t-shirts
  • CAFC sweat shirts
  • CAFC hats
  • CAFC tote bags
  • CAFC boxer shorts
  • CAFC mouse pads
  • CAFC coffee mugs
  • Special items with the club logo

All t-shirts will feature the club logo on the back and Chevy Avalanche Fan Club on the front (in small print on the right side). Still debating on a font for that. Prices will range from $12.99 to $29.99 depending on the product, so the stuff will be reasonable. The club will make a small profit on each item, which will be put back into the club.

One more step for us!
I'm guessing that when you say "on the right side" you mean when looking at the wearer? Most items have their text and/or logo affixed to the "left breast" area. Just checking.

Of course, I could just wait till they're available and look for myself.
The originator of the the "boxer shorts" idea will remain anonymous forever - hopefully they will be in good taste with the logo on the right cheek so your wallet doesn't rub it off! ;D
Hey Chief, have you thought of having a Post Office Box for the club? Might make it a little handier for members to pay for commisary stuff.

Also, it would be great to have a physical address to send donations to. I looked into the PayPal and, while it is undoubtedly very secure, it spooks the hell out of me to give my Visa over the internet. Hence, I did not send a contribution to keep the website running.

With a Post Office Box, I'd send a check pronto. And I am sure a lot of guys feel the same way.

If we don't get a PO, would you e-mail me personally with a physical address so I can contribute $$$?

;)Chief sign me up for an extra large T-shirt, black preferably. Tell me where to send the money.
Hey Steve the Chief has a PO Box and you can find it on the back of both of the club brochures.
I will definitely buy some of the products, but I'm very reluctant to use pay-pal.
All the products will be out at the Cafe Press site, as soon as the Chief links us over to it. The items will be bought through Cafe Press, so you will have to do money transactions through the 'net if you want any of those items.

at this time, I believe all t-shirts are white.
If we go with the Cafe Press package you wont need to use Pay-Pal. Cafe Press on their website say they will take credit card, personal check or money order. So paying for the items should be no problem.
gandolphxx said:
AJ - I apologize in advance, but I just gotta know what one does with a XXL hat. ;D

Sounds like this will be the only wearable Avalanche merchandise on the Web. If it is club material I will certainly be buying a couple of items. Anyone know of other Avalanche merchandise? :)