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Taged A Black Av At The Post Office In Hamilton, M


SM 2003
Full Member
Feb 13, 2003
I've ben taking my mail to the drop box for quite some time now and noticed a black av. last week went to tag and the dang thing was not there, then yesterday it was. I pulled my lifted av up next to it, got out, looked around, no one in sight, i wish they would have ben then i could have personaly told them about the club.

well i hope they join up. then i can get more than 1 av together for the MT/ID chapter gtg's

that make 2 for me! more too come.....
faver buhler
Faver, I ran into a black Av several times last summer on my way up the West Fork of the 'Root. It was parked outside a house on the north side of the road between the main hiway and the W. Fork road.