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Tagged A Blue Z-71 In Charlotte


SM 2003
Full Member
Aug 12, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Actually, I met the owners at the City Chevrolet dealership in Charlotte. Sparky and his wife were in to have a window repaired. I was there to have my rear (midgate) window replaced (cracked frame), and my fog light replaced (condensation). I gave him a brochure and introduced the club. He was very interested. Then I told him about the midgate window problems. Sure enough his was cracked in the center. So, he had the service manager order a new one for him as well. ;D

Sparky, if you log on and join, welcome to ya. It was a pleasure talkin' to you and your wife. Glad that I could be of assistance.

Just glad I was there to assist a fellow AV'er and introduce him to the club. I like handing these things out. Already handed out about a dozen.