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Tagged A Couple In Bellevue NE!!!


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Sep 23, 2002
United States Navy
Made my first tags today!!!
Hey...I have a good excuse for only recently tagging other AV's. I was overseas for a couple of years.
Tagged two today and have plenty in my AV ready to go!!!

Way to go, ChevyThunder (y). Keep up the good work. BTW, I was born in Omaha (St. Joseph's hospital) a long, long time ago. As you might guess, I'm a big Cornhusker fan even though I moved from Nebraska in 1965 or so (my relatives still live there so I get back for visits from time to time). If my memory serves me, Bellevue is where the Southroads is located. I'm so old that I remember when there was just the Crossroads in Omaha. We lived on Walnut street just outside of the entrance to Aksarben on (I think) 63rd avenue. Now Aksarben is no more. :(
Right on!!

My wife and I have only been here a month. It took us a while to get set up but, it's looking pretty good. We like Onaha and Bellevue so far. We have made our way down to Crossroads and Westroads quite a few times.

I also tagged another AV today. That's three on OFFUTT alone!!!

Catch ya later.