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Tagged A New Green Z 71 At The Car Wash.


SM 2003
Full Member
Aug 4, 2002
Youngstown, Ohio
Yesterday I tagged a new Green Av at the car wash. The guy was very friendly and works part time at the wash as a hobby. I gave him the tag and talked to him for awhile about what all the club could do for him.

When I left him he said he was going to have to go out and buy a computer to join and keep up wih the club and mods to his AV

He was an older retired guy and said he never had any need for a computer before.
Very cool. I have yet to talk to someone I've tagged. . . they are never near their Av/EXT when I tag. I hope I get to talk to someone soon.
I talked to a teacher who has a green Av and gave her a brochure. She sounded somewhat interested, then I laid off because she never showed up ???. It's always tempting to talk Avs with her because I'm in her room but there comes a point where enough is enough :6:.