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Tagged A Pewter 4x4 At Costco's In

You could have tagged my pewter 4x4 at Costco in Lancaster, CA today...and yesterday...and day before. Was told in no uncertain terms by loving spouse that I had to purchase the 6' cat condominium for us and another for our daughter. Today was first time I've actually used the AV as a pickup...had to lower the midgate to haul these things. I'm only sorry the "condo" has to stay at our house.

Have a Snugtop on order and Bedslide will probably follow the same day Snugtop is installed. I was pleasantly surprised when round trip to Vegas mileage was 17mpg....now have 1400 miles on odometer.
After seeing SoCalCindys truck Im not going near anyplace that has to do with shopping with my Av.