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Tagged Another One Nossack Foods In Red Deer,Alta


Full Member
Apr 30, 2002
Red Deer, Alberta. Canada
Tagged another Pewter AV today! It was @ Nossack Fine meats in Red Deer, Alberta. I have seen it there b4 and went inside to give the owner the brochure. We then went out together and he showed me is AV a little closer. When I saw the bug deflector I asked him if he got a noise at higher speeds, he was shocked that I knew. So I told him he can find the fix on the CAFCF web page. I then told him I was waiting for the 2003 to buy 1 and what they will have, again he was shocked. When he heard the cladding will be darker he asked me if the cladding can be painted I told him all his answers are on the CAFCF web page......Lets just say I expect him anytime now! :D