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Tagged Avs In Novi, Mich & More Locations


Full Member
Feb 13, 2003
The Motor City, Michigan
On Friday, May 9th:
-Tagged a White Av at Applebee's at Six Mile & Haggerty.
-Tagged a few Av's at FountainWalk mall in Novi, Michigan, one had a lightbar with red lights, like it was a possible volunteer fireman, looked cool.

On Sunday, May 11th:
-Tagged a grey Z71 in a parking structure in downtown Detroit.
Saturday, May 24th:
Tagged three Av's leaving our GTG at FountainWalk mall,
One was a blue WBH, another was a grey '03 NFE with New York plates parked next to us, and I can't remember the color of the third, had a Harley Davidson decal in the back window...