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Tagged GM Exec's Av's


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May 11, 2002
Royal Oak, Michigan
I finally got around to printing off the brochures yesterday, and tagged 4 other salaried GM Av's here at GM Small Car Division, Lordstown OH. And tagged another black one later at the Gym. Busy day... :B:
Gotta love it, tagging cars at a GM Factory.

Driving an AV to the "Small Car Division?" Are you working for the correct division? ;D
At least it's in the "family". A friend of mine used to work at a Ford plant. If you didn't own a Ford product, they had a different place you parked the "other" branded cars/trucks. I have heard this practice was stopped. Sounded like a lawyer's dream... being forced to park farther away simply because of the make of car you own.

Yeah, pretty much the same thing goes on here at GM Lordstown Ohio. If you drive anything not GM you park all alone, way in the back. I guess in the past they had a lot of problems with vandalism from the union employees. We produce the cavalier and sunfire here, if anyone was wondering.
I grew up near the GM truck plant in Fort Wayne and had a friend who would tell stories of non GM auto's being vandalized...... very sad....
Yeah sad indeed...

At one of my previous jobs... (too long ago to care to remember too much about it). I was told I needed to use the remote parking lots due to me driving a Toyota truck. It turned out the remote parking lot was on the other side of town and was serviced by a bus that ran to and from the plant every hour or so. The trip took all of 20 or so minutes each way, which was not bad. What was a hassle was having to "report" to work an hour or two prior to shift in order to make it to the clock on time. Several of our cars got "costumized" during a journey and we decided that enough was enough. After a month or so on the job a group of us simply pulled into the plant's employee parking lot and went on to work. Within minutes we (15 or so of us) were called into the office to be reminded about the non-american vehicle policy to which we promptly protested. An ultimatum was given - we responded to it by producing a card with an attorney's phone number. They responded with having buses running every 15 minutes instead and added a security guard detail for our protection.... ;D

Today the plant no longer has the remote parking lot policy - it now produces parts for Jeep and Mitsubishi vehicles :D

Happy AVing!