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Tagged in Labrador CIty, Newfoundland


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May 10, 2003
Cold, Barron North
Tagged my first Av today!! 2002 Summit White Avalanche with Z71 package.... dropped it off to the vehicle through an open window!!!

Maybe the problem isn't that they are not willing to log on, maybe the problem is that they can't log on, due to someone using all the bandwidth assigned to Newfoundland....
>:D >:D

Looks like someone has to fill in for Gene while he's busy with the addition to the family and still keeping up with all the planned MODS on his NEW AV.....
I am suppose to see the beast in the morning.......

Yakmar said:
Just tagged another 2002 SOM_AV, almost identical looking to mine, while dispensing their prescriptions!!!
They live about 3.5 hours away from me, in a place called Churchill Falls!!! (lies between Labrador City and GOose Bay on a strech of 800km of dirt road)

I hope they log on!!

Newf!! (y)

would they even have internet out there?

How many Newfies have internet access? Do you have high-speed access up there? By high-speed, I'm not talking about those new-fangled 56K modems that were introduced to the rest of the world back in the 90's. :)

They came to the site, saw your sig, and went running for the hills :9:

Hello All,

I'm new to the board but have been visiting for a long time. I saw Yak's post and being from Labrador City as well I finally logged on. Right now I live in Churchill Falls on that 800 Km dirt road mentioned earlier. I seen Yak last week but he was working hard at the time so I never had a chance to introduce myself. I drive a 2003 Z71 Dark Green WBH and very impressed with it. This site and the info you guys provide has been an excellent resource for alot of the questions I've had and I look forward to making a few MODS of my own. MERRY CHRISTMAS

So there are other people that live up there! Welcome to the club (y)
Yak, I find it hart to beleive that there are so many avy's up there... :D

What I think is going on is this, YOU WERE INTO THOSE LITTLE RED
and you tagging your own avy. and dif. days the white one was just snow on it and the blue one was on sat. morning after you had your friday night shooter fest, and pissed out the window >:D >:D >:D

As to Chris's comments, you do take up the bandwidth ;D

OH, when did the WBC actually become an AVY >:D

G. :cool:
There is a New "SPORT RED METALLIC" (?) color Av on the local GM lot.... I am going to drop some Tagging Material down to the local GM Manager, and ask him to distribute one with every avalanche sold....

(y) (y)
ANOTHER Tag!! (y) Unfortunately can't foresee her logging on :cautious:

BUT HERE is the PICS!! (y)


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